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In 2007, S.L. Armstrong began seeking a publishing avenue for her gay romance fiction, but wasn't happy with what her research turned up time and again. Low royalties, poor cover art, bad editing, terrible formatting, and publishers who would rather produce a high number of mediocre books rather than a small number of high-quality books. After spending another three years researching, planning, and a lot of second-guessing, she launched Storm Moon Press in 2010 with her husband, Roger, and long-time friend, K. Piet.


Since Storm Moon Press' inception, our goal has been offering the best publishing experience for our authors and an amazing reading experience for our readers. We understand that a publishing company can't exist without authors to write and readers to read, and so we've made keeping them happy our primary focus. Storm Moon Press publishes quality GLBTQ and alternative lifestyle erotic fiction, and our imprints Thunder Moon and Budding Moon focus on QUILTBAG genre fiction and young adult fiction with the same eye toward quality. We work with a talented staff of artists and editors, striving to deliver on every promise we've made.


In 2012, we introduced a limited number of illustrated novellas and novels. These select titles are the first wave for us, an addition we feel can add to the reader experience. We also make a large number of the artwork from our covers available as posters for our readers. With readers in mind, we also chose 2012 to introduce a Reader Rewards Program, which rewards readers who support the press and its authors by buying directly from our storefront with free books!


Storm Moon Press is author-centric, reader-geared, and covers the wide spectrum of QUILTBAG erotic and romantic fiction, and with Thunder Moon and Budding Moon ready and willing, we look forward to extending our reach into genre fiction and young adult fiction, bringing the same level of quality and positive experiences to a new group of authors and readers.


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