BA Tortuga

Rednecks & Romance – because sometimes fistfights are foreplay!


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I enjoy indulging in the shallow side of life, with hobbies that include collecting margarita recipes, hot tub dips, and ogling hot guys at the beach.  A connoisseur of the perverse and esoteric, my days are spent among duty tomes of ancient knowledge, or, conversely, surfing porn sites in the name of research.  Mixing the natural born southern propensity for sarcasm and the environmental western straight-shooting sensibility, I do my damnedest to produce mainstream fiction, literary erotica, and find works of pure, unadulterated smut.  With characters ranging from supernatural demons to modern-day cowboys, alternative illustrated men to Victorian dandies, the addiction to history and atmosphere is ever-present, and laced through with sensual pleasure.  My latest projects include werewolves, rodeo cowboys, and fistfighting rednecks. 


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