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Jambrea Jo Jones... and barbecue contests... and Playing with Fire on 24-January-2017

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I love to eat. I won’t deny it, I’m a total foodie! I am one of those annoying people who take pictures of their food to post them on Facebook and Instagram. When I was younger, I wasn’t really picky, but didn’t try a whole lot of new things. The older I got the more I was willing to try. One of the things I wasn’t really fond of was meat. No idea why. But now, bring it on and if it has barbeque sauce on it? I am ALL over that. Now, my mom and I make it a thing to try new restaurants when they open and check out the food. Every year in my town, they hold this thing called Savor Fort Wayne. Places put together a limited menu of their best stuff for a set price. We try to go to the expensive ones because it is a total deal and we get wonderful food.

When I heard we were going to do an anthology set in Kansas City and that they had a festival with a barbeque contest, I knew I had to write characters involved in that. It put together my love of food and my love of cooking shows with contest. The Food Network is always on at my home. When I first started watching them I was on the edge of my seat shouting at the television, “Put it on the dish!” I have watched it enough now, that it doesn’t stress me like it used to. Some people yell for sports, I yell for food.

My characters are no different. They both love to cook, but they have two totally different styles. One owns a restaurant and the other cooks for cowboys and tourist. The one thing they have in common is how much they enjoy people eating their food.

I tend to have food in a lot of my stories and I end up making myself hungry. My poor characters. If I’m hungry for something, there is a good chance my characters will end up eating it. I don’t leave that to just my books. If I happen to read about a character eating something, I will sometimes crave it and have to eat it. Carol Lynne has done that to me a couple times. I tried chili and cinnamon rolls because of one of her Cattle Valley books! I have also tried popcorn and red hots, also in a Cattle Valley book!

This won’t be the last time I have food in my stories, I might even have to do one where they are on an actual cooking show. That would be so much fun.

My son has even started to cook because of my love of the Food Network. I came home one day to a surprise meal. I was nervous, but it turned out so good. He was eleven at the time and made his own pasta from scratch! I don’t even do that. I buy premade from the store. But I’m ready for the day where he takes over all the cooking and I can just sit back and eat. Like I said, I am a foodie!

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