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Jamie Brindle has been writing stories since the age of eight. Sometimes they are even published. He was raised in Bedfordshire, UK, by two ex-hippies who had a hedge maze in the garden and sold boomerangs for a living. He studied biochemistry at the University of Sussex, before realizing upon graduation that this was deeply boring. He then worked in a school for deaf children (he went for two weeks’ work experience, and ended up staying for three and a half years), before studying medicine at the University of Warwick. He is currently a doctor working in the East Midlands and training to be a GP. His first novel, The Fall of the Angel Nathalie, a dark fantasy/horror story about free will and the implications thereof, was published by Bedlam/Necro press in July 2013. Modern Serpents Talk Things Through is his second piece Less Than Three Press has been kind enough to publish, and is available now.

He lives with his girlfriend, Chloe, in Rugby and spends most of his time driving to and from various hospitals that are too far away. He writes speculative fiction largely as a way to ground himself after long shifts spent in the bizarre fantasy world of the NHS.


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