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K’Anne (and yes this is her name and not a contrived name) writes books she would like to READ. She writes stories (as in short) that fans have asked for and for the exercise of trying something she may not be comfortable in writing. It expands her horizons to write outside her comfort zone. She likes creating whole characters as well as ‘quickie’ stories where she never names the participants and the reader places themselves in the story. As her short story readers read and realize the depth of the longer stories and then get introduced to her books she hopes they come to love the characters she has developed. She has found writing to be a schizophrenic experience, these characters live inside of her mind and to exorcise them from her brain she put them down on paper (not literally). That way, they are preserved for all time. She is ALL of her characters and yet, NONE of them. The feedback she has gotten from her readers is amazing, the vested interest in the stories and books, she doesn’t think anyone can NOT love hearing how a story made them laugh, cry, and fall in love, how they felt a similarity in their own lives, how they relate. It really makes the reader a part of the story they are reading.

K’Anne Meinel first wrote SHIPS in 2003 over the course of two weeks. She then played with it for several years before publishing it as an e-book on and then being approached to publish it in book form. After that it was published on as an e-book. In the meantime she published some 35 novellas and novels of various genres. Originally from Wisconsin many of her stories have taken on locations from and around the state. A gypsy at heart she has lived in many locations and plans to continue doing that. Her fans have compared her to some of the great authors of our times including Danielle Steel and Dean Koontz. Videos of several of her books are available on YouTube outlining some of the locations of her books and telling a little bit more…giving the readers insight into her mind as she created these wonderful stories.

Befriend her or ‘like’ her on Facebook or Twitter and keep up with her books, stories, and career. There is sure to be something to enjoy, tell your friends, heck, tell 100 of your closest friends! Lol. Feel free to email comments, suggestions, or advice.

K’Anne was born and raised in Wisconsin and uses it and several cities around the state as a base for several of her books and novels as well as a few shorts. She has lived in in Southern California and Central California and been all over this country from one end to the other. She prefers to think of herself as a gypsy who hasn’t settled too long in one place, but then what constitutes 'too long' in the journey of a life? Her life (or lives) as a journey; she hasn’t found the end of her road yet!


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