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Without writing an auto biography here, because seriously that could be another book itself, I'll throw in some facts....

As a kid I was raised on a rural island in the Chesapeake Bay. I was a total geek that loved astronomy and wildlife and creative writing in school. I collected autographed Astronaut pictures from NASA and pasted them on my walls. I was a fan of the BeeGees, Olivia Newton-John and Barry Manilow. I was fascinated with the male body and all the boys in school...I was destined for a colorful future.

My teenage years were spent in Florida on the Gulf Coast. I went from rural cornfields to surfer beach culture overnight. Prince and the Revolution was my idol and it wasn't long before posters of the half naked purple -wonder adorned my walls. In high school I kept myself 'in the closet' and had girlfriends galore while dreaming of boys and Chippendale Dancers. Puberty was evil to the body and mind. Eventually I 'came out' when I was 19 and discovered freedom of my past soul.

My twenties are documented in 'Visiting the Ghost of PuppyBoy'. These are the years that shaped me. They can't be regretted, that's why they are written.

I am now married to my partner Paul who I finally found when I wasn't searching. We live in Washington DC and continue to be haunted by the name PuppyBoy after all these years.

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