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As an MM erotic romance author, I'm taking romance to the edge. The edge of pleasure, the edge of passion, the edge of propriety.

I write stories about real men (although a sexy vampire or two may sneak in occasionally) and I write characters the way they present themselves to me. That means the voices in my head belong to unique and special people, who are often very flawed and certainly not always politically correct. In my experience, that is just the way people are - it is what makes them the human beings we love or hate, the ones we can relate to or those we would like to pretend to have nothing in common with.

Some of the books I've written are sinister and may be emotionally unsettling, and the ones that come with content warnings deserve them. I like to put my heroes through a few ordeals and see how they'll cope and I like to explore what makes people act the way they do and what they hide under the surface. But there's no need to worry - I write erotic romance, so there will always be happy endings - and not just the ones of that kind ;)

If what you are looking for are picture-perfect, two-dimensional stereotypes, you won't find them in my books. If, however, you want to read about men who battle their own inner demons to be with the one they love, well, my stories might just be something for you.

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