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A Heart To Revitalize Me (The Magi Accounts 4.5) by Michele Notaro

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Post-Apocalyptic / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Shifters / Wizards/Witches/Sorcerers / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-June-2024

Book Blurb

Lately my straight best friend has been very… handsy, which is killing me because I’ve been in love with the idiot for years.

I love my best friend, I always have, but I never wanted him to realize just how much. He’s never seemed to notice before, but since he broke up with his girlfriend, he’s been really clingy. Like way more than I’ve ever seen.


I love it. And it’s killing me.

What I really want is all those cuddles and sweet touches to mean more than they do. I have to keep reminding my heart that everything Haiden is doing is platonic, even if it feels like it isn’t.

Unfortunately for me, my stupid heart doesn’t stop hoping for more.

Book Review

The companion novels continue with Logan and Haiden’s love story. It came as no surprise to me that the author decided to write this tale as these two have been in the series since almost the very beginning. Watching them fumble through friendship and then falling in love was fun and adorable.


Logan was already a member of the Ono-Nai pride and living at the house when Haiden and his siblings, Teo and Elzanna, were saved by the team and then joined their pride. Haiden had some issues in the beginning even though Logan was thrilled to have someone his own age there to befriend. They got through it and became the best of friends these last few years. Logan has always had a crush on his bestie, but figured it was better to be friends than nothing so he’s kept it to himself. Imagine both of their surprise when Haiden realizes that Logan is the person he wants to date, the person he’s been in love with all of these years, and the person he wants as his mate.


I can honestly admit that this story is definitely the most saccharine sweet of all of them. Since Logan and Haiden are much younger than any of the other couples, I gave them a break and didn’t let it bother me. ‘A Heart to Revitalize Me’ is old-fashioned romance at its very core, with a few moments of angst and a whole lot of love. It sets the stage for the final book and the upcoming focus on non-human hate crime which I’m sure will be intense. Maybe that’s why this book was extra sweet? Regardless, it’s a wonderful addition to the series!




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 308 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-December-2023
Price $5.99 ebook
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