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Army Green: Burning Bright (Taction 3) by J. Rocci at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-September-2013

Book Blurb

It's the annual Glenhaven Farms Fourth of July picnic and Cam is trying not to worry about his partner, Evan, as they help prepare for a large crowd of folks descending on the farm. Between running errands for Ms. Susan, setting up the backyard, and wrangling all four Hooligans, Cam catches quiet moments with Evan and reflects on the man he loves and almost lost to the war injuries that left Evan a disabled veteran.


Book Review

'Burning Bright' is a great snapshot of Evan and Cam's lives a few weeks after 'Army Green" ends. It's about their July Fourth celebration, and I loved that it was all from Cam's point of view this time. It made me see even more how special Evan is and how much Cam loves him. Add in the shenanigans all the secondary characters get up to, and I felt right at home on Glenhaven Farm.


From the moment Cam gets up in the morning and through all the preparations for their barbecue, it is clear that his world focuses on Evan. Whether it's during their last minute shopping trip to the supermarket, where they encounter Cam's old kindergarten teacher, or when Cam takes Evan swimming in their little pond, the love and warmth between them just jumped off the pages for me. And when they decided to ditch the horrible action movie for not being realistic? I laughed out loud.


Of course, Evans grandparents have a prominent presence, with his grandmother fussing over his grandfather's health and his grandfather now addicted to Japanese cartoons (but not the kiddie kind!). That just made me laugh. The Hooligans, four stray kids, now young adults, who were saved by community work done on the ranch, then stayed on, provide some hilarious moments too.


If you like Evan and Cam the way I do, if you enjoy reading about macho cowboys taking a break for a wonderful holiday celebration, and if you're looking for a read that is wonderfully sweet and entirely fluffy, then you will probably like this short story in the wonderful 'Taction' series.






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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 28 pages/7300 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-July-2011
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