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Blokes in Love (An Oz MM Meet Anthology)

Genre Gay / Mixed Time Periods/Genres / Romance / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-October-2013

Book Blurb

On October 11-13, a small group of authors, readers and reviewers are meeting in Sydney for the first mm romance conference in the southern hemisphere: OzmmMeet2013.

To commemorate the occasion and allow others a glimpse of life down under, six of the attending authors have contributed a short story. The brief: the setting of either Australia or New Zealand must be an integral part of the story.

Given such a simple scenario, it’s amazing how the stories are similar yet different. They range in location from shearing sheds in New Zealand to Goth nightclubs in provincial Queensland. From surfers on north coast beaches to sophisticated gallery owners in the heart of Sydney. A paranormal story involving werewolves is set in the Hunter Valley while a ghost makes a startling appearance in the South Island of New Zealand.

The minor characters also reflect the diversity that can be found in these two countries from Asian cross dressers to Maori siblings and co-workers.


Stories set in Austrlia and New Zealand in a free anthology by Susan Beck, Jess Buffett, N.J. Nielsen, Pelaam, A.B. Gayle, and Meredith Shane.


Book Review

Whether you're looking for a taste of Australia and New Zealand, or whether you're up for a bunch of great reads, this free anthology definitely offers both. I had the privilege of being at the meeting this anthology was written for, and reading these stories while I was in Australia definitely gave them an extra touch of "special" for me. I know I'll reread them when I'm back home in the cold winter of the UK, and might even enjoy them more – if that is even possible!

Weekend at Lennox by Susan Beck
This very funny opening story, set in Australia, put me right in the mood for visiting a beach. Better yet, reading this gave me the feeling of being there – but without the sunburn.  Teenager Eddy has the same issue – trying to void burning his very light skin to a crisp, he only goes surfing early in the morning and late in the afternoon. His friend Adam keeps him company  and when they end up sharing a room with a somewhat older double bed, well, let me just say they get a lot closer than they've ever been before. Their somewhat clumsy antics made me smile, and as they discover there is pleasure in getting physical together, without necessarily putting a label on it, things heat up pretty quickly. Or they try to – except some very funny mishaps made me laugh out loud. If you’re in the mood for short, funny, and slightly clumsy teenagers, you'll like this one.

A Soldier's Will by Jess Buffett
If this story is truly the start to a new series, as indicated in this anthology's introduction, I'd like the next book right now, please! The Mangrove Mountain pack sounds totally fascinating and both the human, Will, and the new alpha werewolf, Derek, worked their way into my heart immediately. Will has "suffered" from attraction to Derek for years, never believing he'd stand a chance to be with Derek since he is neither a female, nor a werewolf. When Derek returns from his turn in the military and is about to take a mate, Will cannot stand the idea of Derek with someone else and runs from the pack function. Derek, having waited to be able to be with Will for years, cannot go after him quickly enough… If you're looking for a deeply emotional, passionate, and very hot werewolf/human liaison, then you'll probably like this one as much as I did.

By the Way by N.J. Nielsen
What can I say about this really funny and somewhat mysterious story? Woo-hoo comes to mind… No, seriously, the way this Australian "country boy" named Shawn tumbles into one of the hottest nights he's ever had, then promptly cannot remember any of it the next morning, had me in stitches. As he goes off to retrace his steps and discovers "city boy" Corey, who happens to believe he's a vampire king (well, some of the time anyway), is behind it all, Shawn also discovers there may be more between them than he'd ever thought possible. By the way, his journey of discovery is just as funny as the first scene when he awakens in a strange hotel room. If you're after funny, hot, and very touching, then you'll probably like this story as much as I did. I'm still smiling!

The Rose by Pelaam
This is one of the gentlest ghost stories I have ever read, not very scary at all - thank God, as I don’t deal well with super-scary ghosts. Ethan and Riley are a great couple, and following them on the stops of their romantic holiday in New Zealand while discovering the locations they visit was great fun for me. Their talk about the "haunted hotel" and eventual visit there was just enough suspense. The way they eventually both dealt with the supernatural was somewhat unusual, but very fitting. If you're in the mood for slightly spooky and a very loving established couple, this one is for you!

"Home" by A.B. Gayle
While I haven't read "Leather + Lace" nor "Caught" (but definitely should), I was able to enjoy this short story without any problems, since it stands on its own. Its characters, Jesse and Isaac, are definitely worth getting to know, since both of them have hidden depths that I enjoyed discovering as their fast and furious first few encounters in Sydney had me laughing and wanting more. Jesse may be a sophisticated art gallery owner, but he has come out of a relationship with a much older lover and discovers he is ready to move on. After a year of mourning and hard work to keep the gallery going, he certainly deserves a bit of fun. Isaac, a "typical boy from the bush", is just the man to show Jesse a good time, to help him relax, and to introduce him to a few slightly kinky activities. There is quite a bit of food play, so if that's your thing (or if you're curious about it), you'll probably like this story. I definitely enjoyed it a lot!

"Cutting Out" by Meredith Shayne
Set in New Zealand, this story about two sheep shearers, one much older than the other, touched me deeply. Shane so desperately wants more than casual encounters with the much younger Lachie, and is devastated when Lachie rejects him. Shane's situation had me up in arms, railing against the injustices of fate. That was until I got to see things from Lachie's side, and his reasons for turning down Shane almost made me cry. Be ready for an intense emotional roller coaster as these two men battle their pride and their circumstances! If you're in the mood for intense, emotional drama, and a few very hot encounters, you'll probably like this story. I'll remember it for a long time to come.






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