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Bloodbath (Guns n' Boys 6) by K.A. Merikan at Acerbi & Villani

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Assassins/Mercenaries / Erotic Romance / Dark Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-May-2018

Book Blurb

“I don’t even know who I am anymore.”
“All you need to know is that you’re mine.”

Seth would follow Domenico to the depths of hell. He promised to always be at Domenico’s side. But hell becomes all too real when they infiltrate the world of Toro - a notoriously security-obsessed arms dealer, who has eyes and ears everywhere. 

Seth becomes unable to steal even a moment of intimacy with Domenico, and the tension grinds them down each day. Beyond the deceptive paradise of Toro’s villa, violence is an everyday occurrence, and the swimming pool could just as well be filled with blood. To survive, Seth has to become the man Domenico needs him to be, but in the process, he might lose who he truly is.

With Seth trained up, and Mark as backup, victory is so close Domenico can taste it. They just need to prove themselves to Toro as valuable assets. With each day though, Seth seems to be drifting away from Domenico, hidden behind a mask of cruelty and indifference. It is exactly what Domenico asked of him, so why is it so difficult to see Seth become his mirror image?

Book Review

In yet another unrelentingly action-filled book in the ‘Guns N’ Boys’ series, Seth and Domenico face some of the most dangerous challenges to their relationship yet. They have decided to infiltrate the world of arms dealers and drug lords in the hopes of creating a way to allow them to return home to Italy. The everyday brutality they encounter is as realistic as it is unrelenting and having to deal with hiding their relationship from the homophobic gang members creates more tension between them than I have seen in a while. Everyone in their team makes mistakes, Domenico loses his cool more than once, and Seth has to face the realization that he has a lot of work to do if he wants to be a “worthy” partner for Dom. ‘Bloodbath’ is a very accurate title – consider yourself warned! And as with previous reviews in this series, please consider anything that follows here a potential spoiler for earlier books.

Seth has barely gotten used to being married to Domenico and now he has to face not only weeks of not being able to touch (thanks to going undercover with the arms dealer’s gang that has security cameras everywhere), but renewed feelings of inadequacy. He is getting very good at projecting the image of a credible gangster, but it’s all a façade. “Fake it until you make it” becomes Seth’s motto and trying to prove he is a worthy partner for Domenico enables Seth to do things he would not have thought possible before he became Domenico’s partner. Seth hates all the little tests the arms dealer subjects them to: “Seth’s walls were up. Tall, proud, and made out of titanium. He wouldn’t have this miserable world reach him. His body would do its job, and then he’d leave, and then he’d sleep, and he’d only cry under a sheet because even his bedroom had hidden cameras.” But he has no choice and, thanks to Domenico’s training, is able to deal much better than before.

Domenico is in full gangster mode once again and visibly enjoys working on his plan for world domination, or mafia domination at the very least. He hates having to take orders while ingratiating himself with the arms dealer, but he knows it’s for a “good cause” and is patient enough to keep going. His very personal sense of honor and what is right is challenged more than once – the episode with the jaguar is priceless! – but Domenico sticks to his guns (pun intended) and/or knives at all times. It was interesting to watch Domenico begin to realize that the changes he wants Seth to make so he becomes a more hardened guy may not be what Domenico wants after all. Watching Domenico change and grow was a treat!

Mark, Seth and Domenico’s “adopted” son with aspirations to become an assassin like Domenico, has changed a lot, but he is so naïve sometimes, I was afraid he might not survive. Granted, he has not even turned eighteen yet, but still, he has been trained for a while and should know better than to cross Domenico’s plans. The choices he makes surprised me, but they make sense and show that he is finally beginning to grow up. Then there is Dana, who infiltrated the arms dealer’s organization and gets herself into more trouble than I thought possible. The other characters contribute lots of color too – especially the gay son of the drug lord Seth and Domenico have to face.

Despite all the action in the storyline, the focus, as always, is squarely on Seth and Domenico. They are now married and their commitment to each other is unquestionable in their minds, but the exterior stress they face has consequences for their love life – and that is very much at the center of their relationship. The external turmoil and violence is reflected in how they deal with each other and Seth’s attempts to go it on his own have almost disastrous consequences.

If you want to know how Seth and Domenico proceed with their plan to get closer to the drug lords, if you don’t mind violence, cruelty, and rough fights as they defend themselves, and if you think you can deal with the suspense of the dangerous situation they are in, then you will probably like this sixth book in the series. It’s often humorous, intense, and Seth and Dom are as hot together as ever – every possible (and some impossible) chance they get.





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