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Carved in Stone (Starling Hill Trilogy 3) by Jen Silver at Affinity EBook Press

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by jj on 21-March-2016

Book Blurb

Join the characters from Starting Over and Arc Over Time in this final book from the Starling Hill trilogy.

Ellie Winters thinks she might be going mad. How else can she explain the conversations she is having with someone who has been dead for two thousand years? The ancient queen wants a proper burial for herself and her consort—and she is used to getting her way. Ellie has to convince not just her wife, but also the archaeologist, a former lover who first discovered the bones on Ellie’s farm. 

The loves and lives of the women connected with Ellie and the farm swirl through this journey of discovery, moving from the confines of the British Museum in London to the windswept landscapes of northern Britain. 
Carved in Stone has romance, adventure, a treasure hunt, and happy endings for all, living and dead.

Book Review

This book concludes a very enjoyable and illuminating collection by tying up several loose ends and bringing up to date all the pairs that have previously been introduced. I do recommend you read the first two publications (‘Starting Over’ and ‘Arc Over Time’) for the best possibly enjoyment of ‘Carved in Stone’. This trilogy most certainly allowed me to not only become enchanted and familiar with Northern England, but also to immerse me in everything the current environs present. The tantalizingly rich presentation of rural, small town life and an appreciation of current-day archaeology is more than great fun. This three-volume assemblage is a consummate treat. Applause!

Elli, Eleanor Winters, is a central character across all three books, although I got to meet and enjoy many additional folk. She is currently married to Robin Fanshawe who possibly has previously slept with almost all the other females, but Robin is now a loyal and protective spouse. Elli knows it is disconcerting to almost everyone, and especially for Robin, that she seems to be able to communicate with Queen Cartimandua, the unexpected major find at the initial archeological dig site on her property. It isn't just any ordinary chit-chat that Elli has, but some rather specific requests by the queen along with even more startling information imparted. I simply love Elli as she embodies a magnificent conglomerate of skills, affection for people and animals, a steadfast love for her wife, and a rather sublime presence that seems a tad otherworldly. Wondrously extraordinary!

Most of the other people in the story are already in fairly solid, loving relationships. Just one new person joins the assortment of artistic and esteemed academics. Policewoman PC Ashworth, Ash to her friends, eventually hooks up with the only currently unattached woman, Jo Bright Flame. Jo chose *Bright Flame* to replace her given last name of Johnson. I cheerfully did not hold that against Jo as I happen to have a very special affection for my last name in addition to creative individuals like Jo. I try to grant a large leeway for artistic folks, their appearances, their appellations, their art, and their philosophies. This mélange of very different pairs is a stretch even for me, but by and large I enjoyed them all. They certainly added to the wonder of the location and the thrill associated with the archeological finds. Most enjoyable!

This is a magnificent package adding to the delight, the closeness to the events and people, plus the curious exposure to the ancient Queen Cartimandua. It imaginatively enhances via the talented author the story's location along with its current and historic people. Congratulations and thank you!





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Publication Date 04-February-2016
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