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Dove: Spread Your Wings (Recovery 2) by Angelique Jurd

Genre Gay / Historical / Recent (1990s) / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 16-June-2021

Book Blurb

After surviving a fire that left him emotionally and physically injured, then rejected by a partner who couldn't cope with the aftermath, Lucas spent a year drinking in silence at the local gay bar. The bartender, Connor, eventually won him over and he started to live again. As Lucas begins rebuilding his life, his mother Gayle refuses to accept Connor's presence and hopes Lucas will reunite with his ex. Still battling nightmares, depression, and guilt, Lucas has to choose: stay in the darkness or let Connor help him find the light?


Book Review

“Spread your wings and fly away...Pull yourself together 'cause you know you should do better. That's because you're a free man…” ~ Queen


Sammy Conolly, of ‘Spread Your Wings’ by Edie Montreux, is excited to prove his worth as a world-class journalist when CNN sends him on an assignment to Yugoslavia. He doesn’t expect it to be such an emotionally draining and dangerous place. The only thing that gives him any relief is his friendship with Mustafa, an employee at the hotel where he is staying.


Mustafa is in a precarious position in his country. Not only is he gay, but he is also on the wrong side politically and culturally. He tries to keep his head down, but being on the defensive all the time is wearing him down. Mustafa likes Sammy right away. Sammy’s red hair, youthful face, and curiosity make him stand out. Mustafa appreciates Sammy’s enthusiasm but worries about what will happen when disillusionment replaces it. Sammy and Mustafa bond over their love of the band, Queen, and their feelings for each other. It’s not a straightforward path for either of them. Even though they care about each other, the possibility of having a future seems improbable. They decide to remain friends.


The political situation in Sarajevo is far worse than Sammy suspected. It becomes painfully apparent that war is inevitable. The journalists try to interview people from all factions of the conflict, but it becomes increasingly difficult. It doesn’t help that the chief correspondent wants their reports to be sensational, not truthful. Sammy and the other correspondents rebel and report her. CNN fires her, clearing the way for more realistic reporting. Sammy is doing an outstanding job but realizes that being a war correspondent is dangerous. Sammy plans to return to Atlanta and safer assignments when an opportunity to get Mustafa out of the country presents itself, but only if all the chess pieces fall into place.


‘Spread Your Wings’ is an impressive historical romance. I adored Sammy and Mustafa.  Bonding over Queen music was a terrific addition to the story. Who wouldn’t bond over Queen?


Sammy and Mustafa were a perfect example of opposites attract, but it also shows us we can usually find something in common to bring us together. This book is my first by this author, but it won’t be my last. Thanks, Edie. I loved it.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 42 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-August-2018
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