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Fake Dates and Fanged Mistakes (Fanged Mistakes 1) by Alice Winters

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Shifters / Vampires / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 03-May-2024

Book Blurb

This week hasn’t gone the best for me unless you count Casimir, the sexy ancient vampire, bringing me back from the brink of death (and tying my fate to his in the process). Not that it matters if the werewolves and vampires don’t stop their ridiculous feud, because someone is targeting them and widening the divide between our communities with each body they leave in their wake.

But as the alpha’s son, I have a plan to fix everything. I’m going to convince Casimir to fake date me to show the others that we 
can work together.

I mean… what could go wrong?


Literally everything could go wrong. Who is actually going to believe that I want this joke-cracking, cute werewolf tagging alongside me?

Honestly, do I even care if people get along? I really think I have much more important things to do than going on hardware store dates, learning the torturous art of holding hands, and attending awkward family dinners, like… staring at my dog… and… I’m sure there’s something else.

Okay, fine, maybe this whole fake dating scheme isn’t the worst idea that I’ve come across in the past five hundred years, but it’s definitely in the running. The two of us are just going to have a bit of fun while I stop whoever’s hunting down the vampires and werewolves… right?

Book Review

‘Fake Dates and Fanged Mistakes’ by Alice Winters is hilarious and had me laughing out loud more than once. It’s got a range of fun characters, a lot of snark, some mystery and intrigue, a whole lot of sexy times, and a happy-for-now ending.


Julian is the werewolf alpha’s son, but he has no interest in being his father’s heir, nor in being in the pack structure at all. In this world, werewolves are only created, not born, and the same with vampires. Neither species likes the other and Casimir is suitably confused when his blood seems to heal Julian from being shot with silver. Normally, that’s an automatic death sentence for a werewolf, but Julian now craves Casimir’s blood, and there remain small traces of silver in Julian’s blood. What?!? Interestingly enough, Casimir soon finds Julian’s blood delicious. Unheard of! Werewolves all taste gross like wet dog. But there you have it. See, intrigue.


These two fake dating is a laugh a minute. Casimir has no concept of dating at all. I mean, he’s an old vampire, but you’d think he’d have some memory from before he became a vamp. Their first date involved shopping for a robot vacuum at a big box store, crashing a wedding reception so Julian could eat, and generally sniping at each other. Casimir is sarcastic as hell and enjoys nothing more than riling Julian’s dad up in hopes the man will drop dead. Granted, it seems a possibility more than once since the hate goes both ways as Terrance ruled this territory before Casimir came along and took it from him.


Amongst the humor there is a mystery as vampires and werewolves are being found dead with no apparent connection except the anger that exists between the two. Julian convinces Casimir to work together to find the culprit and, in doing so, they work to get vamps and weres to a place where they all come together to fight a common enemy. It’s slow going but I enjoyed this aspect of the storyline as much as I did the comedy. Well, almost as much, anyway. Nothing really beat Julian discovering all the clothing/costumes that Casimir has bought for his dog, shifting into his wolf while Casimir dressed him, and Julian’s father walking in on it. Yep. Priceless.


Lest I leave anyone with the idea that this entire story is nothing but humor, Casimir does have a dark past and struggles with being “worthy” of Julian’s love. Watching Julian reassure him was incredibly sweet and I look forward to these two sharing more of their secrets with each other. I definitely want more information on Casimir’s past, i.e., the how, why, where, when of it all, so I’m hoping the author will reveal more in time.


Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series!




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 386 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-January-2024
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