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From the Get Go by Sean Michael

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 10-June-2021

Book Blurb

When easygoing Texas artist Dakin McBride makes his way to Ottawa, Canada, for a showing, he meets Jeff Tamrin, the fastidious manager of the Sussex Gallery. Despite coming from different worlds and being opposites in almost every way, the attraction is immediate, and soon Dakin and Jeff negotiate their own brand of diplomatic relations, forgetting all about art or seeing the sights the city has to offer. They get wrapped up in the moment, each of them intrigued by what he feels for the other.

The more they get to know each other, the more they like what they see. Dakin has a life to go back to in Texas, though, and Jeff has his own in Canada. Is there any way for their budding romance to survive the thousands of miles separating them? The relationship seems doomed, but at the same time, it feels too right to give up without a fight.

First edition published by Torquere Press, 2005.

Second edition published by Dreamspinner Press, September 2016.

Book Review

An easygoing artist/cowboy from Texas and a detail-oriented manager of an art gallery from Canada may not sound like the most natural fit, but Dakin and Jeff hit it off from the get-go. Watching them meet when Dakin comes to Ottawa for an exhibition of his leather art was fun, entertaining, and soon turned very hot. These two men may come from very different worlds, but they have one thing in common: their attraction to each other.

Dakin is a little unsure about the exhibition of his work so far away from home, not at all confident that anything will sell. He is also nervous about being abroad and in a strange place, but meeting Jeff makes everything easier.

Jeff is super organized and manages several exhibitions a year with great success. He enjoys working with different artists and figuring out how to best display their work, but meeting Dakin makes him realize there is potential for more than a professional relationship between them.

Despite their different backgrounds, there are a few things Dakin and Jeff have in common. Both have a big family who loves them, and they enjoy spending time together doing simple things like going out to eat or taking a walk. Not to mention the chemistry in the bedroom – it is off the charts. As for living several thousands of miles apart? Luckily where there is a will there is a way.

If you like stories that prove that opposites can not just attract but stick together, if an artistic cowboy and an organizationally talented art gallery manager sound like an interesting couple, and if you’re looking for a read that is as fun and entertaining as it is hot, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 106 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-May-2020
Price $2.99 ebook
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