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Healing Minds (The Shifter Chronicles 5) by M.D. Grimm

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Psychic Powers / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 08-June-2021

Book Blurb

Josh McPhee always wanted to be an agent. To keep from going crazy at the Agency’s New Mexico substation, he talks to the imprisoned wolf shifter—or tries to. Their one-sided conversations only prove the shifter is not getting the help he needs. After all, he is a victim too.

Wolf shifter Xavier doesn’t remember much before his time with the Knights or the time under their control, where he was brainwashed and used to kill innocent shifters. He wants to recover his memories, and yet he fears what he might find. He would escape were it not for the aide whose voice quiets Xavier’s implanted urges.

Late one night the Knights attack the station to retrieve what’s theirs. Overpowered, Josh cannot stop them before they unlock Xavier’s cage. But Xavier rushes to Josh’s rescue and, sensing his opportunity, escapes, taking Josh with him. When Josh wakes up on the road, they strike a bargain: Josh offers Xavier one month of freedom before he calls in the Agency. Both doubt he can be cured, but something about Josh makes Xavier better. They just have to figure out what before the enemy catches up to them.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, July 2013. This edition has updated and revised text.


Book Review

I have been waiting for Josh and Xavier's story ever since I discovered that the rogue wolf shifter, who had been experimented on by the Knights and made to kill other shifters, was still alive and being treated in an Agency substation. Agent Poe, after capturing Xavier with Derek and Brian's help, had him contained in order for them to try to reverse whatever the Knights did to his brain. Josh is an aide for the Agency, although he's working toward being an agent, at the substation housing Xavier.

"His lapses had stopped when this kid had come here, when Josh had started to talk to him. Somehow, someway, Josh’s voice had been able to drown out the evil one. And boy, did that kid talk. And talk. And talk."

It was painful watching Xavier struggle and suffer, trying to remember who he was before the Knights got hold of him. When he does finally remember, he's ashamed, as Xavier used to be a thief. Of course, this would explain a few of his abilities like knowing how to hot wire a car. Josh was way more than I thought he'd be. His ability is telekinesis, and apparently keeping the voice out of Xavier's mind. I was afraid he might be a little wimpy, but Josh has a core of strength, and watching him stand up to Xavier was quite exciting. *grins*

Their travels together, heading to the Mojave Desert where Xavier hopes the quiet and peace will help him, are fraught with danger, excitement, action, adventure, and the beginnings of some healthy lust. But Josh can't go down that road with Xavier no matter how much he wants to. Agents are forbidden to have relationships and definitely not with shifters. The longer Josh spends time with Xavier, though, the more he realizes that the Agency might be his family, but he's just a cog in the wheel. With Xavier Josh would be his mate, something else that scares him.

It's decided. 'Healing Minds' is definitely my favorite of the series so far. Josh and Xavier are wonderful characters, and their story made me feel. A fantastic book!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 163 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-June-2021
Price $3.99 ebook
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