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Iron & Velvet (Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator 1) by Alexis Hall at Carina Press

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Private Investigator / Shifters / Vampires / Royalty/Nobility / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by jj on 20-April-2021

Book Blurb

 like my women like I like my whiskey: more than is good for me.

Name’s Kane, Kate Kane. I’m a paranormal private investigator, which is like a normal private investigator except—and stop me if you’re having trouble following this—more paranormal. This business comes with a few basic rules: don’t start drinking before noon, don’t get your partner killed, don’t sleep with the woman who killed him.

Last year I broke all of them.

The only rule I didn’t break was the one that said don’t work for vampires. But then a dead werewolf showed up outside the Soho shag palace of Julian Saint-Germain—a bloodsucking flibbertigibbet who’s spent the last eight centuries presiding over an ever-growing empire of booze, sex and hemoglobin.

I shouldn’t have taken the job. The last thing I needed was to get caught in a supernatural smackdown between a werewolf pack and a vampire prince. Even if the vampire prince was dangerously my type. But what can I say? I was broke, I’m a sucker for a pretty face and I gave up on making good decisions a long time ago.



First edition published by Riptide Publishing, December 2013. This edition is newly refreshed by author.

Book Review

This is a seriously hysterical and wondrous hoot! My laugh meter was broken before I was one quarter of the way through the story. There is a very hot, half faerie, lesbian PI...Miss Kate Kane, who links up to the full-fledged vampire, faerie, werewolf, and mage realms in an utterly and captivatingly fantastic manner. London, England, its environs, and the marvelously complex sewer networks serve as the back/underdrop for some extraordinary battles and realm-specific functions. Kate doggedly tracks down the murderer{s} associated with a case that is somewhat unceremoniously dumped in her lap by the Prince of Cups Julian Saint-Germain, who in very short order becomes Kate's main squeeze and shagging partner, putting Kate in the plus column for work and f**king. Things only get better and hotter in this 'must read' for anyone breathing on this planet! Non-breathers are invited to check out how spectacularly their world is presented.

Kate's PI business was in zero activity land since she, in her words, let her partner get murdered. So, it certainly behooved her to be escorted to Julian Saint-Germain's place of business to check out the case in question. It takes all of Kate's well-honed skills and well-oiled system to dig, dig, and dig some more until the last slimy element is uncovered and brought face-to-face with a pretty potent multi-realm task force. Some of Kate's tools and skills get ingrained from some very curious corners. Katy bar the door...this is one helluva of an adventure!

Julian Saint-Germain is an eight hundred year old vampire and one of four principal 'Princes' that rule the vampire world of England. Cups, Swords, Coins, and Wands. We are told Cups got people laid, Swords killed people, Coins bought people, and Wands stopped people finding out.  Within this context, Julian is a constant amazement, a total knockout, and more of a steadfast lover than Kate was prepared for initially. She more than holds her own with super counterpoint  and charm as each realm takes its stand. She knocked my socks off and then some!

Throughout the madness, mayhem, with pockets of tradition and solemnity, this extraordinary tale splashes across the pages. I counted six personally written epitaphs by Kate for Kate... Here Lies Kate Kane....Beloved daughter. Sorely missed. These are all perfectly placed at various intense and sometimes near-death experiences and I just howled! The "do or die fighting" is graphic, intense, with such fabulous comic relief elements allowing me to laugh my sides silly, but never to lose the thread, the threat of death or worse which often hangs in the balance because Kate Kane, the narrator, is a radiant and lucid documenter along with being a natural comedienne! Now, I am not thoroughly versed in these realms and true aficionados that are might take issue, but I would hope absolutely everyone reads this from cover to cover finding some or total enjoyment as I did. Don't Miss It!

Oh, by the way, 'Iron' comes from one of many knives Kate uses in her PI trade. They are specifically designed for certain fights: gold for vampires, silver for werewolves, iron for faeries, sanctified steel for demons. The 'Velvet' is the name of the main club and Julian Saint-Germain's Empire of Sleaz!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 258 pages/77500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-October-2019
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