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Love is a Whirlwind (The Shifter Chronicles 2) by M.D. Grimm

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 20-April-2021

Book Blurb

As a bull shifter, Ryan has no idea what it is to be human. When he’s purchased and brought to the home of Caleb O’Connell, he’s determined to show the young man who’s boss. However, Caleb won’t cooperate, and instead of fearing Ryan, Caleb takes a liking to the new bull he soon dubs Whirlwind.

Caleb adores the feisty Whirlwind, convinced the bovine will be the best bucking bull in the Professional Bull Riding Circuit. Then one night his entire life changes when he learns Whirlwind’s secret—the secret of shapeshifters.

Ryan and Caleb become the best of friends, and Caleb attempts to teach Ryan, as best he can, how to be a human. Their time together leads to deeper feelings... and eventually they decide to give a relationship a chance. Unfortunately, Ryan is kidnapped, and Caleb has to call in the Agency—an organization that protects shifters—or their new life together will end before it ever starts.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, February 2012. This edition has updated and revised text.


Book Review

I enjoyed the first book in 'The Shifters' series by M.D. Grimm so much that I had to jump right into book two. I was intrigued by the concept of a bull shifter as I don't recall having read about one before. Not to mention, Ryan is a bull shifter who competes in the Professional Bull Riding tournaments. Caleb is his best friend and these two have a lot of misconceptions to work out.

Ryan is unique, even for a shifter. His father was a bull shifter who had sex with a cow, and Ryan was born. Apparently it's very unusual for a shifter to be able to breed with an animal. Ryan's dad stayed around long enough to teach him how to shift, and how to stay off the humans’ radar, and then he left him. Ryan was determined he was going to remain a bull his whole life until he met Caleb and felt a need for a human connection. Of course, Caleb has no idea what Ryan is until Ryan had been at their farm for two years. Caleb teaches Ryan how to be human while falling in love with him. Ryan has always loved Caleb but was afraid of losing him if Caleb knew.

In one fateful night, their relationship changes and Ryan mates with Caleb. Before they can really enjoy this, and figure out what kind of life they want to lead together, Ryan is kidnapped. Caleb calls the phone number his mother made him memorize many years before, and reaches Agent Poe with the Agency. Apparently Caleb's aunt is an agent and that's how his mom knew. Anyway, Agent Poe shows up and helps get Ryan back from the man who wanted to be immortalized by the Knights, an organization that is the antithesis of the Agency.

I had so much fun with this book. Ryan, and the way he thought more like a bull than a human, was very endearing. Caleb with his loyalty and love was adorable. A wonderful addition to the series, and I'm glad the author is including more in-depth glimpses into the Agency.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 109 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-April-2021
Price $3.99 ebook
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