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One and Only by Leigh Jarrett at Steambath Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Polyamory / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 17-May-2023

Book Blurb

Jacob did a stupid thing back in university. He fell in love. Now, sixteen years later, he runs into the man that has plagued his dreams. Jacob's love is still strong for him.

Can he walk away? His life is so different now. He's not the naïve guy he was in university. He's spent the past sixteen years sleeping with every man that crosses his path.

Ethan ran away when things got too serious in university. A straight guy wasn't supposed to have those feelings for another guy. Sixteen years later, he might be proven wrong.

A failed marriage amongst his baggage, Ethan isn't sure if he wants to add more instability to his children's lives. Is getting back what he's lost worth putting his heart on the line?

If love grows between them, how much love will they have to spare?

Their relationship is tested when Leo is brought into the mix.


Book Review

Jacob, many years ago as a twenty-year-old virgin, had a secret affair in college with Ethan – during which time he repressed any desire to be open, lest he scare Ethan away. Ethan apparently was straight and imposed limits on their sexual relationship to preserve that appearance – no bottoming, and not even kissing. Now, twenty years later, they meet again. But Jacob is out, and Ethan has been married, had children, and is five-years divorced. This novel, concerning what is next for them, may seem replete with fictive problems, but be assured that such difficulties actually exist in our current society. ‘One and Only’ can, at best, be read for simple entertainment, especially if eroticism sates your tastes. But consider seriously evaluating the social and moral issues presented, whether by introspection or, preferably, in knowledgeable discussions with others. That’s when literature can serve us best.


After a long-ago casual school routine of studying and having sex with each other, Ethan abruptly departed. Today, Ethan has become a successful lawyer, and Jacob is a nurse. They casually run into each other, engaging in a piquant, edgy exchange.


    “Well…” Ethan nodded. “It was nice running into you.”

    “Was it?” Jacob asked. “Nice?”




Despite the obvious discomfort, Ethan is aware of the warmth of Jacob’s hand as they shake with each other, all the while regretting that he had never even kissed Jacob. Their conversation is a nicely styled coup for author Jarrett. And Ethan’s reaction to this meeting is paradoxical – a seed of memory long buried, yet stirring to life by the rain of unexpected reunion.


Part of the foundation of this tale is now established. Feelings of love are not too far gone. Even Jacob’s fear of being hurt subsides to Ethan’s assurances.


Were this the extent of events, we’d have but a “usual” story of love, or lust. But author Jarrett takes us further – with complications. Jacob is, well, a slut. He likes frequent sex, little commitment, and is averse to repeats. Ethan is a flower of mixed species, ever so slow to bloom. Their story posits issues of commitment, whether they can be achieved in an artificially constructed relationship, or perhaps an open relationship (however defined/redefined). Here is an archetypical example of a current problem for some gay men… “He loved Ethan with his whole heart but there was still some wiggle room along the sides to fulfill his sexual appetite.” Sounds perfect for a serialized soap opera. No?


Eventually the main characters explore some variations on commitment, lust, love, group sex, and the readers’ appetites will be whetted. They, themselves may well be wetted. Details will require reading ‘One and Only’ and personal satisfaction will be just that – quite personal.


It is made clear that triage routines in the Emergency Room presents people only seen on the worst days. There is little knowledge of what happens to them. Do they recover? Are they happy? Here we go, and it is grand?




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 124 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-April-2023
Price $3.99 ebook
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