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Only Unity Will Spare Us (The Magi Accounts 5) by Michele Notaro

Genre Gay / Post-Apocalyptic / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Shifters / Wizards/Witches/Sorcerers / Romance / Action/Adventure / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-June-2024

Book Blurb

I made a promise to the enemy… and I intended to keep it.

Thank the goddess I have my pride and my wonderful, amazing mate—whose patience matches no other—because the world is in chaos, and Cosmo is my rock, my safe place inside the storm. If only I could find the time between witches, work, politics, and family to prove it to him.

The Shifter and Magi Equality Act is in full effect, supposedly making us equals, but the people themselves—the humans—are still treating us as lesser. Every time I turn around, we’re running into trouble between humans and non-humans.

To make matters worse, witches are everywhere in Fairview City, and the Red Cloth is encouraging humans to join their forces and challenge the equality my people have fought so hard to get.

And now, Anderson is back. Back and gunning for me.

But he doesn’t realize I’m gunning for him, too.


Book Review

The finale to end all finales, ‘Only Unity Will Spare Us’, was absolutely everything I was hoping for. Action and adventure, romance, an insane climax, and an outstanding epilogue. All in all ‘The Magi Accounts’ series is over-the-top phenomenal and I look forward to rereading these books for years to come.


Much of this series has been a battle between good and evil, with humans being the bad guys and shifter and magi standing on the side of good. This book, after the Equality Act, shows how awful humans can still be when you take away the thing they’ve been allowed to oppress and actively hate. Granted, change is hard and can take time to fully enact, but my sympathies were only with the non-humans and I rooted for them throughout the story. The Red Cloth are using the Equality Act to incite those hate-filled humans to join their ranks and the witch attacks, across the US, are growing in leaps and bounds. Madeo and Jude being so powerful, along with their team, are stretched to the point of breaking with every veil tear and witch attack.


The promise Mads made to Anderson to kill him and make it hurt is backfiring a little as magi promises must be kept or there can be consequences from their magic. So, Madeo is even more anxious and on edge with every battle where there’s no sign of Anderson or they lose him. Trust me when I say I was feeling his frustration intimately. It’s rare for me to get so bloodthirsty but I’ve despised that man ever since he first appeared on the pages, and all I wanted was his death.


I can admit to reading the climactic fight scene very slowly, almost afraid to turn the pages, because I couldn’t have handled a personal loss to these characters. To say the author wrote a hell of an ending is like saying “yeah, I read some”. Basically, a major understatement. My heart was in my throat and there were more than a few times where I had to walk away and catch my breath. All I can say is, hang in there and you’ll be rewarded in ways I never could have imagined. Plus, you get a wonderful epilogue that leaves you knowing your peeps are going to be okay. Sigh. It was lovely.


Thank you, Michele Notaro, for this utterly incredible series, stories, characters, and happy ever afters. I honestly can’t recommend this series enough!




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 417 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-April-2024
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