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Reality Royal (Queens Crescent) by Kristian Parker

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Royalty/Nobility / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Age Gap / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 24-May-2023

Book Blurb

The Honourable Alexander Fitzwilliam has made a fool of himself again. His latest ‘business venture’ has tanked in the most public way possible and his stepmother, Cynthia, takes great pleasure in Alexander failing once more to impress his father, Earl Fitzwilliam.

Alexander dusts himself off and finds a new mountain to climb. This time as a reality TV star. Take that, Cynthia.
As one of the players in
Celebrity Blogger, he’s paired with the star of daytime TV soap Highland Fling, Zac Caton. To Alexander’s amazement, the self-assured forty-something Zac smashes straight through Alexander’s public façade and finds the sensitive man underneath. Finds and likes.

With a new career and a potential new man, Alexander is flying high. But family secrets on both sides threaten to derail him and Zac before they’ve barely started.

If he wants to find a lasting love, Alexander will have to do something he doesn’t do easily—trust.


Book Review

Welcome back to Queens Crescent, an upscale London street of posh houses and interesting people. The first two volumes in this series were pleasurable reading. The current one is about Alexander Fitzwilliam, illegitimate son of minor nobility, and Zac Caton, a sexy, somewhat older but gorgeous TV star. A summary? “It’s not nutritious, but wonderfully delicious.” The volume is a perfect dessert from Kristian Parker, and if you missed the earlier courses, go back and happily gorge yourselves.


The experiences of the main characters will keep the reader entranced. They participate in a couple’s game show on television. They are clever with repartee. This leads to an actual date! And a visit to Zac’s Scottish home, and during Alexander’s trip there, we share his varied thoughts. “They hadn’t even gone to bed together. That would be changed very soon.” “He hadn’t felt this horny since he was a frustrated teenager.” Their desire for each other leads to intimacy. What an incongruent pair.


Alexander explained his lack of conversation with the taxi driver conveying him to Zac, citing an inability to understand the accented dialect. Yet, bless the author who tells us that Alexander juddered when Zac, working towards their ultimate congress, reaches Alexander’s belly button. Their eventual get-together is described with heated detail!


The soapy opera nature of this fun tale continues, spiced with peculiar – often hateful – parental types, surprising plot twists, many “almosts” and challenges and crises, all seasoned with some high-class palaver. Detail is omitted here by this reviewer, to save your enjoyment for the reading – after all, what food critic can convey the taste of eating the meal?


Easy to read, not the most memorable, but a bit of time well invested!




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Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 212 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-May-2023
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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