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Secret Fire (Uniform Encounters 1) by Morticia Knight at Knight Ever After Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Firefighters / Law Enforcement / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 05-May-2021

Book Blurb

The last time Fire Marshal Daryl gave his heart away it was stomped on and destroyed. Can a sweet and sexy younger cop inspire him to risk all for love?

Romance is not on Daryl’s list of things to do. As a matter of fact, the less people he’s forced to deal with, the better. Social interaction is overrated anyway, right? Too bad he can’t get the hot cop from his weekend softball league out of his dirty little fantasies.

Zach just sailed past thirty and is sick of meaningless hook-ups. But finding a decent guy he can click with seems impossible. When a friend suggests he give the surly fire marshal a try, Zach wonders if his buddy has been standing out in the Arizona sun for too long. No way is the ruggedly handsome, cranky Daryl potential relationship material.

Apparently, opposites really do attract, and after a bumpy start it seems as if the road to love is paved with sunshine and rainbows. Or is it?

A tragic fire, Daryl’s emotional fortress and a whole lot of danger conspire to keep them apart, but Zach won’t give up without a fight. But first, he has to survive the threat of death staring him down…



First edition published as book five (5) in the series by Pride Publishing, May 2014. This second edition has been revised and re-edited, but the story remains the same.


Book Review

Cops and firefighters. Really, any first responder story is always going to be packed with action and hot, sexy men. At least in fiction, that is. This author, for sure, isn't going to write about the lazy cop who's got thirty pounds hanging around his waist and a fondness for sweets. HA! 'Secret Fire' is Morticia Knight's first installment in her 'Uniform Encounters' series. I was looking forward to a light read with not a ton of drama, good action, and hot sex. In essence? Fun. 

Poor Daryl. Very serious minded, and definitely lacking in normal social cues, still suffering from his last relationship where his boyfriend cheated on him, and extremely hesitant to risk himself, or his heart again. Zach has finally decided he wants a real relationship, not just random hookups, but is a little surprised when his friend pushes him towards Daryl, the crankiest man Zach has ever seen. Slowly, though, these two men spend more time together and agree to date and see where it might lead. Both men have a lot to learn about each other and their own insecurities and doubts. They also get the opportunity to see how Daryl's more serious side can lead him into depression and bitterness, whereas Zach's more lightheartedness and joking manner can complement each other.

This was a good book with a sweet love story. Daryl's insecurities and his inner voice could get a little wearying at times, but it all worked out in the end. There was lots of excitement and action, plus intense sex. A confirmed recipe for fun.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 183 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-March-2021
Price $3.99 ebook
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