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Slow Dance (Orgasmic Texas Dawn 3) by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly at The Pele Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-September-2023

Book Blurb

U.S. Marshal Jubilee Mason is separated from his lover, Canadian detective Kieran Fox, who goes undercover in his home country infiltrating a violent drug ring. Jubilee worries about Kieran, knowing how he throws himself into his undercover assignments, but this one almost destroys Kieran.

Meanwhile, back in Lone Trail, Jubilee is on the hunt for one of the U.S. Marshal’s most wanted men, a former detective who murdered his wife and has been seen in an unlikely place—a brothel—by an even more an unlikely witness: Dillon DePriest, the newly installed, happily married sheriff of Lone Trail.

Will Jubilee and Kieran successfully navigate the shocking and often-dangerous twists and turns of their individual investigations and find their way back into each other’s arms?


First edition published by Silver Publishing, 2012.

Second edition published by Amber Allure, 2014.

Third edition published by MLR Press, March 2017. 


Book Review

My two favorite men in law enforcement are back in this third installment of the wildly exciting 'Orgasmic Texas Dawn' series. Once again, I'm thrilled that the story picks up almost immediately after the end of the previous book. So now I had even more intrigue, more twists and turns, more betrayal, deceit, and lies. Super exciting!

Kieran and Jubilee are in Montreal, Canada, trying to track down a guy in witness protection who slipped his leash. Of course, it's not that simple. This guy switched identities with his fraternal twin so his brother could continue running the drug cartel in Dallas. Man, there is some craziness going on in these stories and I really like it! Kieran doesn't plan on returning to Texas when they catch this fugitive. He's been contacted by his former boss to return to the Vancouver Narcotics Squad and that's what he wants to do. He knows Jubilee will never come out of the closet and he doesn't want to live somewhere where they think you need an exorcism if you're gay. *rolling eyes* Jubilee, to say the least, is not happy about this decision, but he also isn't willing to come out. Trouble in paradise, indeed!

Kieran goes back to Vancouver and gets placed deep undercover to infiltrate a major drug ring. Which, by the way, puts him in the position of doing some mighty heinous things. Jubilee goes back to Texas to try and wrap up the disaster still going on down there. Now Kieran might be undercover but he manages, eventually, to find his way back to Jubilee. Jubilee, on the other hand, isn't getting over his heartache and it's been eight months. So when the newly reinstated Sheriff DePriest tells him he saw one of the US Marshal's most wanted in a brothel, Jubilee is all over chasing him down. The town and work has been kind of boring since they wrapped that last case. Of course, then Jubilee wants to know what the sheriff was doing at the brothel when he's a very happily married man.

It took Kieran eight months to infiltrate to the highest level of the drug ring, but it's taken a lot out of him. He's had to do quite a bit of drugs to just keep up his cover, along with sleeping with some disgusting people. When he finally gets an invitation from the top guy to come to Dallas, of all places, for a promotion, Kieran calls the Canadian Marshall's contact which turns out to be his dad. Nigel gets him set up to meet with a Marshall in Dallas before he heads to his drug ring. Turns out Nigel surprises him, and Jubilee, when Nigel sends Jubilee to meet him. And, wow, that was a little heart wrenching. Especially as Kieran is in pain from drug withdrawal and getting ready to walk right into the lion's den. Even worse? When the bust goes down, Kieran suffers a major seizure and ends up in ICU with possible brain damage. Turns out some of the drugs he inadvertently had to take had been mixed with some pretty bad crap.

Once again I really enjoyed this latest in Kieran and Jubilee's world. Now there's only one more story in their saga and that makes me sad, but also happy cause I'm going to go read it right now!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 190 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-September-2023
Price $2.99 ebook
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