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The Elevator Mechanic (Workplace Encounters) by Serena Yates at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Blue-Collar Workers / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 21-January-2015

Book Blurb

Quiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves more stability in his career, but not in his personal life. Casual sex suits him, and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both working, they agree on no-strings-attached weekend hookups. Both men have fought hard to escape their pasts and are afraid to commit, so the agreement works well for them—at first. But when the sex gets hotter by the weekend and a deeper connection forms, Joe and Bill wonder if a relationship is feasible, especially since Joe’s work makes it impossible for him to settle down. Joe must consider his changing priorities and decide if he can take a risk on something beyond the physical.

First Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2010.

Book Review

'The Elevator Mechanic' by Serena Yates is about Bill and Joe, two men with shaky pasts, devoid of the love and support everyone deserves. Constant disappointment and ridicule caused them to retreat into themselves and avoid commitment, which effectively denied them what they needed most—a fulfilling relationship of love and trust.

Both characters showed tremendous personal growth by recognizing that when it came to each other, their fears were unfounded. They went from mistrusting, insecure men into a strong, confident couple. They slipped so naturally into a relationship that before they realized it, 'I' became 'we', and even more impressive, they were willing to admit that they were happy about it. They recognized that their passion for each other went much deeper and broader than either of them had previously experienced, then actively pursued what they needed to do in order for it to work. The old doubts and fears gave way to new truths and against all odds, they didn't let their gloomy, negative pasts rob them of a bright, positive future.

I especially loved their personality quirks--Joe's blushing, showing vulnerability as opposed to his outward passivity, and Bill with his bad boy, apathetic attitude in contrast to his nurturing tendencies. These details helped set the stage for their future success. As disillusioned as they seemed to be, subconsciously they continued to hope for something more.

'The Elevator Mechanic' is a delightful, heartwarming story which I thoroughly enjoyed, and would recommend, particularly for anyone who believes in the power of love and its ability to overcome all obstacles, and in destiny, the feeling that there is someone out there meant just for you. People who have read the first version will definitely enjoy reading this one too.





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Length Novella, 116 pages/38231 words
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Publication Date 21-January-2015
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