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The Thaw by Pat Henshaw at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 25-November-2020

Book Blurb

Thirty-three-year-old gay farmer Vladimir Wozniak IV lives for his crops and the hard work that makes them profitable every year. Five miles up the road, former rodeo bull rider and rancher Thomas Sullivan is just as committed to his corn-fed beef.

Once best friends until VJ kissed Tommy during freshman year in college, they stopped speaking when Tommy rejected VJ.

Ten years later, after the country doctor who helped bring them into the world dies and his will names them as co-owners of property, they decide to check out their inheritance together to see which one wants to buy out the other.

As they travel down memory lane through the Doc’s correspondence and visit familiar sites on the land, can they work their way back to friendship ... and possibly beyond?



First edition published by author, April 2019.


Book Review

“Thawing the frozen heart doesn’t happen in a single instant.  It happens by degrees and with intention.  Let spring into your heart, bit by bit, so that beauty and love can begin to grow once again.” ~ Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW

VJ and Thomas, of ‘The Thaw’ by Pat Henshaw, grew up together and share lots of memories, good and bad. Although they didn’t understand it at the time, they loved each other more than best friends or brothers. When they went to college, VJ realized he wanted to be more than friends and acted on it, giving Thomas a kiss. What should have been a natural progression for them turned into a nightmare. Thomas knew, in his heart, that he loved VJ but could not make the leap and broke off all communication with VJ. Years later, their family doctor died and left both VJ and Thomas his country home. The business of the inheritance leaves them with no choice. Like it or not, they have to deal with each other in order to decide what to do with the home.

VJ and Thomas decide that the prudent thing to do is go check out the property so they can see what shape it is in then go from there. They both make arrangements with their respective businesses to ensure that things are taken care of so they can take time off for the trip. Coming back to Doc’s house brings back feelings of better times and of the love and friendship they shared as children. As they are inspecting the land, a huge snowstorm effectively isolates them there for more time than they expect, giving them even more time to reconnect with each other. While waiting for the snow to abate, they decide to search Doc’s office to see if they can find a clue as to why Doc decided to leave the house and land to them. They find papers that indicate that, of all the children who spent time there, VJ and Thomas were his favorites and that leaving his things to them would be a way of bringing them together, hopefully forever.

This is an endearing love story between two friends who, after many trials and tribulations, become what they were meant to be – lifetime partners, as well as friends. Thanks, Pat, for finding a way to bring VJ and Thomas back together where they belonged.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 23904 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-November-2020
Price $3.99 ebook
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