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Too Good a Man (Red Dragon 2) by Becky Black

Genre Gay / Science Fiction / Future Earth / Other Planets / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 03-May-2021

Book Blurb

After months of sneaking around, Captain Alyn Evans and Jarvez Kashari have gone public as a couple. Alyn wants to move in together, but Jarvez isn't ready. As the Red Dragon’s trading mission begins, Jarvez worries that Alyn’s principles will clash with the Company’s sometimes ethically dubious methods. The Company rep aboard ship, he fears he’ll be the one to feel the sharp edge of Alyn’s disapproval and could even lose him.??

Alyn’s unbending sense of right and wrong leads him to give asylum to an enslaved man, Sumi, bringing threats of retribution from Sumi’s owner. This leads to tension between Alyn and Jarvez when Alyn makes Sumi his personal steward and Jarvez feels he can no longer get a moment alone with his lover.??

Sumi’s owner follows up on his threats and Alyn is brought before a court in a politically charged trial, whose outcome already seems fixed. Kept apart from Alyn, terrified he’ll see him go to prison, Jarvez doesn't think the situation can get any worse. Until Alyn’s ex shows up. In the end he’ll be driven to beg for help from the one person who’d like to see Alyn out of Jarvez’s life forever.



First edition published by Loose Id, February 2014.


Book Review

This follow-up book of the Red Dragon series veers from the in-your-face action-adventure approach of the first book and focuses primarily on Company ship’s Captain Alyn Evans and Company man, Jarvez Kashari’s private fears as they navigate the untried waters of a serious relationship.

As a Company representative, Jarvez Kashari has been trained to stretch his moral code to within an inch of breaking—if it will get the Company what it needs. Born into a wealthy family who are closely affiliated with the Company, Jarvez knows how to play the universal game of politics. So far his keen intelligence, snazzy dressing, and skill at the game have kept him far from breaking his personal moral code. But love is wreaking havoc on his emotions and too frequently he finds himself playing the what if game? What if he isn’t enough for Alyn? What if Alyn finds his Company ways too base for Alyn’s strict captain’s moral code? What if Alyn finds someone with a background and rules of conduct closer to his own?

Captain Alyn Evans lives to maintain both his ship’s and his personal integrity by serving as an example of the behavior he expects from his crew. A former military man, Alyn has always adhered to the moral principles instilled into him by his martial career. He finds that while his soldier’s code may work well running a ship, it does not lay the best groundwork for a relationship with a civilian. As Alyn attempts to balance his and Jarvez’s vastly different professional codes with their much desired personal relationship, he can sense his lover’s stress rising. When a young slave asks for asylum, the vulnerabilities in Alyn and Jarvez’s relationship begin to show.

Expecting the fast action of the initial book, it took me a few chapters to adjust to the slower “couple in love working out the details pace” of this story, but when I did the pace of the story picked up and by the final third of the book it almost reached the adventurous pitch of the first book. There is plenty of steamy sexy-couple-in-love sex throughout the book and several solid plot developments. Highpoints include a wonderful new Welsh captain who proves a formidable ally, and virile attorney, Will Garrett, a former lover of Alyn’s, who causes an already angsted-out Jarvez some major emotional agony. The passages containing these two men provide some comic relief as to whom of the two was the smarter dresser. I’ll just say, um, in space apparently suits matter.

A solid follow-up to the first book, but keep in mind that this story is “interpersonal relationship in space” while the first was “interstellar space adventurers find love”.

Thank you, Becky Black, for this “as below so above” science fiction romance.

“Steamy, Starry, Love”





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 92000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-May-2018
Price $3.99 ebook, $11.99 paperback
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