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Welcome, Brother (College Fun & Gays 5) by Erica Pike at Ice Cave Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 08-August-2013

Book Blurb

When arts student Kyler Morris applies for membership to The Nova Britannia Brotherhood, he’s immediately floored by their intimidating leader, Hunter Kingsley. Fellow arts student Hunter, however, isn’t the bad-ass he’s made out to be and takes Kyler under his wing.

While Kyler struggles to keep his crush under control and his sexuality hidden from the Brothers, Hunter battles daemons of his own in the form of two Brothers who aren’t playing by the rules.


Book Review

I enjoyed this neatly paced short, which held much more than the intrigue its title suggests.

Art lover, Kyler Morris, enters college with some apprehension. Being into the history of art, rather than being an actual artist is nerdy enough, but he’s also gay and is on the fence about living openly on the campus. But all of that is less than nothing in comparison to his true concern—will the one college fraternity that he wants to join, accept him? Membership to the infamous Nova Britannia Brotherhood would be a perfect fit for him. It's known for its charity work, fundraisers and the like, plus the frat supports the lesser, more geeky clubs of the college, but most of all, their connections to the business world are so vast that becoming a member pretty much assures you of a good job after college.

But before he has access to anything the club has to offer, he has got to get in. And to get in he has to undergo their interrogation-like interview, but more terrifying— he has to pass the scrutiny of the Brotherhood’s infamous leader, Hunter Kingsley. Meeting the renowned leader of the fraternity, throws him another curve ball. Hunter is not what he expected; among other things, the man is a brilliant artist, pretty much Kyler's personal Kryptonite. The combination of Hunter's good looks and his very real talent may prove lethal to Kyler’s decision to keep his gayness a secret. Throw in the fact that somehow Hunter ends up as his “master,” the person that will train him in the ways of the brotherhood and he is to be Hunter’s “vassal”, the initiate who must serve his master, and his fears are complete, after all masters and vassals are expected to room together.

Carefully woven into the romantic college–orientated short, are a mystery to be solved, a charismatic supporting character, and a devious plot that casts a degree of realism to this elegantly phrased tale. Seen through Kyler’s eyes and his very real fears, the story begins in a slightly whimsical manner, so the sharp turn into darkness surprised me in all the right ways; much praise for the author’s ability to pack the very real punch into a story of this length. The romance between the two men was a bit unusual, and while both Hunter and Kyler were nicely fleshed out, for me the real strength of the story were the events surrounding the mystery.

Thank you, Erica Pike; I enjoyed this one and will be looking up your other works. “Witty romantic short with bite.”





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 15600 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-July-2013
Price $2.99 ebook
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