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Wild R Christmas (Wild R Farm 6) by Silvia Onyx

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Cowboys/Cowgirls / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 01-December-2023

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Tristan is a certified Christmas-aholic who believes every hall should be fully decked. He’ll give his boyfriend Wes anything he asks–no matter how filthy–as long as he gets to fill every corner of the house with Christmas cheer.

Jonah knows how badly Cole needs a break. He hatches a plan for a Christmas getaway, but someone has to take charge of the Christmas festivities at the farm. Tristan is the perfect man for the job.

Everyone at Wild R is ready for a perfect holiday, but one thing after another goes wrong: couples fighting, construction disasters, the oven dying. On top of that, Cole and Jonah both miss everyone back at the farm. Can the crew get themselves together in time for everyone to have a Merry Christmas?



First edition independently published under author pseudonym, Silvia Violet, December 2014.

Book Review

“Christmas can feel like a lot of work ... But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories, good and bad; are really what help to keep a family together... ” ~ Caroline Kennedy

Planning a surprise for Cole Wilder, of ‘Wild R Christmas’ by Silvia Onyx, is almost impossible, but this Christmas, his husband, Jonah, is determined to do it. Even with everyone being secretive about it, Cole still knows something is up and he is furious that Jonah won't talk about it. Jonah is excited about their trip, but he's still a bit apprehensive too. Jonah knows that Cole won't appreciate being tricked, but he is hoping that once he gets Cole away from the farm, he will be able to convince him it's a good idea.

Before Jonah leaves, he's left Tristan and Wes to take over the Christmas dinner preparations, but everyone else there pitches in to help. They all know how important it is for Cole and Jonah to get away from it all, particularly Cole who is even grouchier than usual. Tristan and Wes are doing well until Murphy's Law sets in, then the problems start. The oven quits, there are problems with constructing the special room Jonah has commissioned for Cole, and every couple there seem to be at odds with each other. Like a row of dominoes, one setback triggers another, since there are fewer employees present to take over when things start going wrong. People start shirking their responsibilities to either mope, argue, or make up putting things even more behind. Of course, most lovers’ quarrels end in some awesome make-up sex, and that's one thing the men of the Wild R do best.

Tristan is grateful that Jonah is showing confidence in him, leaving him and Wes in charge. Tristan is anxious to show him that he's not just a clown and a screw-up, but is capable of being responsible as well. Tristan tries his best, despite the chaos, but he starts a downward spiral, thinking how disappointed Cole and Jonah will be when they come back and find everything is in shambles. Wes is supportive and loving as always, but it's going to take a lot of convincing to pull Tristan out of his funk. Wes finds one especially persuasive way to cheer him up when he finds Tristan working very early in the morning to finish up the food, dressed in an apron and boxers.

Cole is angry at first when he finds Jonah has tricked him and they aren't spending Christmas with the Wild R family, but the idea of spending days of interrupted sex and no responsibilities quickly cancels any ire, replacing it with a man Jonah barely recognizes.
“You’re so delicious like that, my frightened little stallion, running from the big, bad wolf.”
Jonah shuddered with excitement. Cole like this was fucking amazing. “Who are you and what have you done with Cole Wilder?”
After a few days of wild, wonderful, uninterrupted sex, they both feel like something is missing and realize that as strange as it is, they miss all the chaos.

As with many families, things don't always run smoothly, especially around holidays; and since many of the Wild R Farm employees and friends consider themselves part of the farm's family, the same applies for them. However, despite the conflicts and discord, Christmas is a time to put all differences aside and be thankful for friendship, home, and good memories. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the farm for Christmas. Silvia gave me more insight into the characters in the series that I've grown to love, and a hint of a new relationship developing. Fans of the series are going to adore this story. Although it may be read and enjoyed alone, without understanding the events which brought each couple up to this point in their relationship it won't have the same impact. Thanks, Silvia, for a delightful Christmas at the Wild R Ranch.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 149 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-November-2023
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